Featured #1: Discworld

I've recreated entire world invented by Terry Pratchett. You will find there whole process of building this scene, along with my thoughts about what could I do differently.

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Featured #2: Dream Catcher

My diploma project from 2015. Take a look, how I produced my first short animated movie.

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Featured #3: VR Bundle

I two-person team we've managed to make set of 16 minigames intended to be played on virtual reality.

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What do I do?

3D Graphics

Mostly, I do 3d models that can be used in popular engines, but I can also design and prepare more complex projects.

If you need more perspective in your life- I'm the man.


I have experience in shooting, montage and postproduction of footage.

Interest in photography has sharpened my care for framing, and composition, what also helps in all other visual forms of art.

Factory of ideas

Writing scenarios and fiding creative solutions is my favourite phase of every project.

There's been lots of projects where I was in from conceptual phase, till the very end. I willingly participate in brainstorms, but I like to take creative challenges on my own.

Problem solving

As a team member I'm trying to catch and solve potential difficulties.

Although I my heart stays with visual forms, my brain has extraordinary analytical habits.