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Looking for a professional?

Do you need someone to work with? Want to hire a specialist or a team leader? I will be more than happy to help you achieve desired result. Just reach me, describe your vision and I will write you back with some propositions.




What projects can you do?

If you need to visualize your product, create character or environment for a game or prepare an animation, I'm your man. If you have a bigger project in mind I can also help you to build a team of specialists. I might also consider full-time job, and relocation if your long-term project require that. What I most certainly won't do is: designing logo, UI/UX, websites, prints, etc.

How much will that cost?

When a client reaches me, I analyze what are he's or she's needs. I prepare at least three propositions at different price range with examples of expected result whenever it's possible. Of course it's easier, if client have a specified budget and example of expected quality of a project. In general, my hourly rate is 50$. I always inform upfront what is going to be a final cost so you can accept or reject my offer.

In what language should I contact you?

I'm from Poland, so of course, I can speak Polish. I also know several words in english, as you probably figured after scrolling through my website. I tried to learn Spanish but I saved it for the future. Por eso todavía no hablo español, lo siento.

Is there any other way to contact you?

Of course. You can write me a direct mail: or use one of social platforms that I use. Just scroll down this page until you see a footer. There, on the right, are icons for my social media. Choose the one that suits you best.

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