16 VR Games Bundle


In second half of 2017 in Lune company, along with Sebastian Szlufik I’ve been working on a project consisting of 16 VR mini games (both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). At the end of December we delivered last game from set. My task was mostly to create assets, level design and preparing scenes in Unity (in different proportions in every game). Bundle contains roller coasters, fear room, simulators, and simple arcade games. Our goal was to create set of event games, where game play would fit in 2-3 minutes. Some games from bundle use assets from Unity AssetStore.

During creation process I had possibility to participate 16 times in pipeline production from start to finish. Just by looking at first and last game I worked on, it is noticeable I’ve progressed a lot.

Short trailer below.


Those games were designed especially for events visited by wide variety of people, so we needed to simplify game play so it would be understandable even for people without any experience with VR. Every game is designed for about 3-4 minutes of game play, to limit queues to the headsets. We prepared placeholders for logotypes and text inside games environments, so whole bundle can be used as some sort of customizable and interactive way of marketing.

I didn’t have a chance to work in every game at the same tasks. Some of them I’ve only counseled. Below is a list of those I’ve had bigger impact on, along with tasks I’ve been responsible for:

Game 16: Firecamp


Campfire simulator. We have to collect items and light the campfire. In this game I’ve created all static 3d models (except foliage), and also GUI.

Game 15: Fear room


Attempt to leave an claustrophobic room. Player are looking for items, which could help to get out of this cursed place. In this game I was responsible for level design and most of 3d models.

Game 14: Lavaland


Traditional roller coaster in low poly style. In this game I had a chance to work on level design and optimization.

Game 13: Paraglider


Player is attached to a paraglider and shoots laser in buildings of an alien civilization to protect cargo transporter from destroying. In this game I was responsible for level design and 3d models.

Game 12: Tronlike


Player drives around closed area, trying to avoid obstacles.You can score points by drive in green hexagonal field. Goal is to get the most points. In this game I was responsible for 3d models. I’ve also helped to designate gameplay.

Game 11: Air Defence


In this game you steer a desert speeder and fight against sinister AI machines. You try to protect cargo transporter, and escort it to protective force field. In this game I’ve done 3d models, level design and optimization.

Game 10: Office racing


Remote controlled car racing. Player has to drive through track with the best time. In this game I was responsible for 3d models and level design. Some models were downloaded from internet and then optimized for our needs.

Game 9: Museum


Simple experience of touring a museum. Best for people who don’t react too good for dynamic virtual reality. In this game I did some 3d models and optimized castles.

Game 8: Bathyscaphe


Player dives into depths of stylized low poly world to explore fauna and flora, and also to find sunken treasures. In this game I’ve made interior for bathyscaphe, level design, and also optimization of scene.

Game 7: Pirates baloon


Flying inside a balloon around a pirate island and cannon shooting to targets.In this game I was responsible for creating a balloon with its interior assets.

Game 4: Bungee in ruins


Bungee jumping experience. Player jumps into a mysterious temple, quickly passing its floors.

Game 3: Bungee in canyon


Another bungee jumping experience. This time player jumps from Great Canyon. In this game I did 3d models and level design.

Game 2: Rollercoaster in ruins


Quick roller coaster at sunrise in abandoned Aztec’s city in the middle of a tropical jungle. In this game I was responsible for level design and optimization.

Randomness from my Sketchfab

Realtime randomness

I place there smaller but still interesting projects. Most of the time it’s uncomplicated scene with one element.

You silly little ball of clunkiness

Pugs are… well… let’s just say they’re not chamions, ok?

Yet another Treasure Chest

Handpainted aggressive treasure chest. Look, it’s moving!

Baker Electric Car

Car from 1910. I focused on recreating complexity of chassis.

Four elements: Earth

As I remember, this was one of my first contacts with ZBrush.

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