About me

Step into the realm of my creative universe, where artistry and technicalities converge creating this… whatever it is.






Hello stranger! It’s about time to introduce myself. I am a master of pixels, a sculptor of virtual worlds, and an explorer of all things three-dimensional. I am delighted to have you here on my website, where I invite you to delve into my hopefully mesmerizing creations of mine.

I am a 3D Generalist, armed with the combined power of Blender and ZBrush. Capable of molding virtual worlds with one stroke of my digital pen. Or maybe two, if you care to wait for extra details. In my sleeves, I hid the magic of Unreal Engine’s blueprints to craft procedural assets and other interactive trickery that serves greater good like machine learning, or just plain fun. 

But my passions don’t stop at the confines of a computer screen. When I’m not lost in the depths of the polygonal realm of madness, you might find me capturing meaning in seemingly meaningless moments, through the lens of my camera. My camera’s sensor is still the fastest rendering engine with incredible Path Tracing features. Where do I shoot you might ask. Preferably somewhere high enough for my fear of heights to kick in. Around three meters above the see level will do it.  

Am I the perfect candidate for your next project? Probably not, but hey- perfection is not something to achieve. It’s something to chase until the very last breath.




My path



I studied and worked at an excelent university. It was quite small, but that allowed me to actively participate in it’s community.



I had to quit my position at the university to finish my diploma project. It is now part of my portfolio. Here.


PM Consulting

My first real job! I was responsible for developing e-learning courses using Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Both graphical and logical sides. I also did animations inside Adobe After Effects and edited videos.



My first job as a 3D Artist! Sort of. I was responsible for creating AR and VR experiences within Unity. Mostly 3d work, but besides that, I also did animations inside Adobe After Effects, applications designs, and DTP designs.


Ten Square Games

My first experience with GameDev! That was an exciting period and I learned a lot. I was responsible for creating animals, foliage, props, asset optimization, renderings, setting up prefabs, and texturing weapons.



Here my client is a Big Tech company. My tasks are related to providing data for Machine Learning. I work within Unreal Engine. As part of my job I optimize scans, rig hands and faces, create 3d environments, and create digital twins of various objects, cameras, or lenses.


I’m not even trying to guess what great adventure lies ahead of me.

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