Dream Catcher

animated short film

A little bit of context

Below, in it’s full glory, there’s my diploma project. It was created at the end of engineering studies at my beloved alma mater Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu National-Louis University in Nowy Sącz.

It was alost entirely created in 3ds Max. For postproduction I’ve used After Effects, textures were edited in Photoshop and for some assets I’ve also used Substance Painter. Final montage was done in Sony Vegas. Story was written by my grlfriend, and I was the voice over. And that’s the short story.

If your interested in more details, how this project was conducted I encourage you to visit my blog post, where I described my pipeline with details.


Dream Cather. How to stay sane during prolonged project.

Dream Catcher. How to stay sane during prolonged project.

This story is about my most demanding personal project so far. It was finished in 2015, so not a novelty. So I decided not to focus on the technologies I used, but rather on the perseverance that was needed.

When the dust has settled

Dream Catcher was to me a giant and challenging project. At the moment I’m writing those words I can notice how little I knew and yet, fact that I managed to finish it is incredible achievement. I gained basic skills at every field of 3d graphic, but I have doubts if jumping into project of this size alone was the right call. I wasn’t able to perfect any aspect of it and final effect doesn’t look professional. This work doesn’t present my knowledge of specific software, but more like planning skills, optimization and conducting complex projects instead. Hence, I created everything by myself, I had a chance to look into every part of production pipeline. Retrospectively, I think this is the greatest value I obtained by finishing the Dream Catcher.

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