Quick tip #1: Your interests as a motivation boost

It’s been years since you added a piece to your portfolio? Do you feel like you are constantly procrastinating? Spend a minute reading this and maybe you’ll have a chance to stop your run of misfortune.

Is it worth to graduate nowadays?

For many years I believed that studies are waste of time and generally I would be better off without them. These thoughts crawled to me with increased intensity especially, before approaching exams when I had to deal with an enormous load of material that I didn’t assimilate systematically during the ending semester. Looking back at it, from a distance of several years, I must admit that my views slightly pivoted. But is it a drastic change?

My tribute to Pratchett’s wonderful realm of Discworld

I got completely absorbed by fascinating book series Discworld. Terry Pratchett wrote over 40 books placed in this wicked realm, and every one of them is a satire for certain aspects of life. It is full of colorful metaphors, and sometimes infantile jokes. I completely fell in love with it, so I’ve decided to recreate the presented world. Here I explain my proccess.

Dream Catcher. How to stay sane during a prolonged project.

This story is about my most demanding personal project so far. It was finished in 2015, so not a novelty. Therefore, I decided not to focus on the technologies I used, but rather on the perseverance that was needed to complete it.

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