My tribute to Pratchett’s wonderful realm of Discworld

I got completely absorbed by fascinating book series Discworld. Terry Pratchett wrote over 40 books placed in this wicked realm, and every one of them is a satire for certain aspects of life. It is full of colorful metaphors, and sometimes infantile jokes. I...

Dream Catcher. How to stay sane during a prolonged project.

This story is about my most demanding personal project so far. It was finished in 2015, so not a novelty. Therefore, I decided not to focus on the technologies I used, but rather on the perseverance that was needed.

What do I do?

Knowledge sharing

Whenever I'm capable. I try to spread my experience.

I shared my expertise within companies, I had the opportunity to work with. Mostly regarding Blender since it’s my main area of interest.


Wearing many different hats

I've worked on a variety of projects at almost every available artistic role.

In my carrier I already worked with print design, UI, AR, VR, videos and mobile games. I sculpted, animated, textured, modeled and much more.


Constantly growing

I like what I do, so finding new challenges feels natural to me.

Apart from exploring new tools, I crave deeper understanding of the ones I already know. Right now I’m familiarizing with anatomy to become a better sculpter.


I'm a team player

I like to brainstorm or simply join forces wit others.

Although I consider myself to be an introvert it is pleasure to work with other talented artists and overcome seemingly impossible issues.



Hello there! My website is still under refreshment process, so I am sorry for any typos, dry placeholder texts, or even plain unnoticed mistakes! As you can see there’s also not so many pages, and content whatsoever. I didn’t want to uncover it until it’s finished, but I heard you might be interested in lurking in here. Therefore, I decided to show you something. Just a little glimpse of my new personal page. Nothing fancy, just a couple of personal projects from the past.

Latest blog posts



What projects can you do?

If you need to visualize your product, create character or environment for a game or prepare an animation, I'm your man. If you have a bigger project in mind I can also help you to build a team of specialists. I might also consider full-time job, and relocation if your long-term project require that. What I most certainly won't do is: designing logo, UI/UX, websites, prints, etc.

How much will that cost?

When a client reaches me, I analyze what are he's or she's needs. I prepare at least three propositions at different price range with examples of expected result whenever it's possible. Of course it's easier, if client have a specified budget and example of expected quality of a project. In general, my hourly rate is 50$. I always inform upfront what is going to be a final cost so you can accept or reject my offer.

In what language should I contact you?

I'm from Poland, so of course, I can speak Polish. I also know several words in english, as you probably figured after scrolling through my website. I tried to learn Spanish but I saved it for the future. Por eso todavía no hablo español, lo siento.

Is there any other way to contact you?

Of course. You can write me a direct mail: or use one of social platforms that I use. Just scroll down this page until you see a footer. There, on the right, are icons for my social media. Choose the one that suits you best.

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